Information War

News Briefs
11 December, 2019
Hour by hour: How disinformation swept the UK internet in the election’s final days

In the febrile final 72 hours of Britain’s snap Christmas election, a tide of disinformation began sweeping across the UK internet, with Conservative-leaning trolls and bots coming out in force. Here’s a timeline of what happened. Sunday December 8, 11am It started with a photograph. A mother’s picture of her sick son sleeping on the

23 September, 2019
Google ads are funneling money into disinformation sites

The online disinformation industry is booming — and unless a number of key measures are implemented, it’s only set to get more lucrative, a new report warns. Around a quarter of a billion dollars in ad revenue is funding disinformation, according to estimates in the study by the Global Disinformation Index, a London nonprofit. The

28 August, 2019
Polio cases are surging in Pakistan because of false rumors and disinformation

While Nigeria recently celebrated  three years without a single case of polio, Pakistan is facing an alarming surge in new cases. Pakistan has seen over 50 cases of polio this year, kicking off various mass awareness campaigns and a mass immunization program across the country that will give drops to 8.6 million children in 48

23 August, 2019
Disinformation can lead to false memories

Reading a fake news story can lead us to have false memories, according to a new study carried out during the 2018 Irish abortion referendum. Researchers in Ireland and the U.S. teamed up to look at what happens to our memories when we come across disinformation, and conducted the peer-reviewed study during the week leading

21 August, 2019
Social media platforms crack down on China’s disinfo campaign against Hong Kong protests

On Monday, Twitter announced it investigated and removed over 900 China-linked accounts that “were deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong, including undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the ground.” The statement said these active accounts were part of 200,000 accounts, which were eliminated before they

29 May, 2019
Russian officials cite new Internet censorship law to get unflattering tax stories deleted online

Russian officials have ordered, a popular online publication covering tax, accounting and legal issues to take down hundreds of posts critical of federal tax authorities and end all future critical coverage, according to the founder of the website Boris Maltsev. Launched in 2001 as, the site now known as has nearly 3

21 May, 2019
Protests in Yekaterinburg spark a wave of fake news online

An intensive disinformation war on social media erupted in the aftermath of street protests against the building of a new church in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Hundreds of people protested the construction of the new church in green space in the center of the bustling city, part of a wave of demonstrations over the past several years

16 May, 2019
Russia bans website critical of Putin

Launched in 2015 by Artem Kruglov, “Putinism as it is” was a blog dedicated to unmasking what the Putin government actually represented, instead of what the Kremlin propaganda machine described it. It became a place for critics of Moscow to read allegations of the president’s connections with criminals and illegal activities. Until this week. When curious

21 April, 2019
Ukraine elections marred by disinformation wars

Ukraine has long been occupied territory for Russia’s disinformation war machine. Ahead of the weekend presidential elections, which has been riddled with fake news and cyber attacks, the country went on alert bracing for more destabilizing efforts to upend the vote. Ahead of Sunday, incumbent leader President Petro Poroshenko barred Russian social networks, the search

18 April, 2019
Islamophobic fake news explodes after Notre Dame

The fire started high in Notre Dame’s roof at 6:43pm Paris time. The blaze quickly ripped through the cathedral’s roof, toppling its spire. And almost as quickly, conspiracies, whispers and lies began spreading across the internet, filled with Islamophobic hate. French prosecutors who are investigating the fire said they don’t believe the blaze was a

12 April, 2019
Russia ‘sovereign’ Internet law passes 2nd vote

Russia is one step closer to cutting the nation from the global Internet with parliament passing the second vote for the “sovereign internet” bill, keeping it on track to become a law in November this year. The bill aims to create an autonomous, “segmented” Russian internet, which lawmakers say will protect Russia from being “cut

11 April, 2019
Hungary’s latest news site spreads pro-Orban messages in English

In Hungary’s smoke-and-mirrors world of press freedom, a mysterious new player has emerged. A London-based Hungarian news site called V4NA launched Monday with an editorial line that matches many of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s favorite disinformation narratives. Scroll down the homepage and the reader is met by headlines such as “Migrant kills wife after